August 8, 2014


Ooooh boy. I'm excited. 

There has been quite the lack of our upstairs rooms here on Pretty Dubs, but that's about to change. The kid bedrooms have been "in transition" (meaning I really wasn't sure and didn't have a plan) for a while now. But as you see here, we've been moving forward with "project organize" this summer. On the list were both kid bedrooms. 

Stay tuned for the real reveal. In the meantime, enjoy your room...whether it's in transition or not, I hope you find comfort and peace in your space. 

July 30, 2014


Ok guys, this is a fun one! Have you heard of a garage sale scavenger hunt? This is the perfect activity for kids and adults to do together. It's fun to plan the groups so people get to be with a mix of different people. We've only done this as a family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) but it would be a ton of fun to do with friends as well. This year marked the 2nd time we'd done this and there were definitely some trip highlight moments this time (ah-umm...a chicken).

There is plenty of summer garage sale-ing left, so hurry and plan this one!

(framed artwork find)

The Date: pick a Saturday morning. You'll meet in one location, receive your team assignments, and depart. We set a 2 hour time: meet at 8am, get back by 10:30am. (Pick someone or a group of people to assign the teams beforehand). We made sure to keep the kid to adult ration as equal as possible. 

The Tools: you can hand out printed newspapers, scour craigslist (ahead of time and write down places), use your phone and gps, or drive neighborhoods looking for garage sale signs

July 20, 2014


My Mom has talent.

She's a giver, a learner, and always pushes herself to do and know more. I talked about her in my 80/20 home cleaning rules and in my facial hair removal strategy.

My Mom engrained in my siblings and me the importance of education and as of the end of this year, all of us and spouses will have at least our Bachelor's degree. And currently, my mom has gone back to school and is working towards that herself!

One of the things my Mom loves to do is pottery and painting. She's really talented and when she has time between school and work, she does some beautiful work.

Today I'm showcasing her stuff.

When I visited Montana on our summer vacation a week ago I took the opportunity to photograph some of her pottery and a picture she's painted. I think it's so cool that I have bowls that my mom made - food and dishwasher safe too! You'll have to watch on Carrot Bowl for their appearance.

I'm going to let her pieces speak for themselves.

July 3, 2014


In between cooking and cleaning, taking care of the house, and spending quality time with the family, I sometimes squeeze in some reading.

When I'm in the grocery line, I can't help but grab the latest Women's Health magazine. Thanks to my sister, she got me hooked with a subscription last year. I like reading the workout ideas, interesting stats, and articles that both inspire and make me think.

"The Windup Girl" is one that I'm still in the beginning of, but being a Hugo and Nebula award novel, I'm probably not going wrong. It's been really interesting so far.

"Without" is a collection of poems by the author Donald Hall. Recently Tyler and I went to a show in Portland hosted by Ira Glass from OPB's This American Life. It was awesome. It was a totally different type of show where he told stories and had two women dancers who helped portray the meaning and drama of the stories. I loved it. I came away feeling like I learned something. During the show he talked about this poet and some of the poems in this book.

The book is the chronological story of him and his wife as his wife is dying of cancer. It's intense, personal, and made me love my husband more. I 100% recommend it. As soon as it came in the mail I read it. I didn't expect that I wouldn't be able to put it down. The poems' structure add as much to the story as the words.

With this smash up of books, I'm just reminded that we have a pretty awesome opportunity to be alive and share our lives with the other people around us.

Have you read something that made you feel smarter recently?

June 27, 2014


I'm going to share a secret with you. It's a cleaning secret and talking about cleaning might not sound exciting. However, this has saved me lots of stress and given me balance in my home. When things are a mess, I find it hard to relax and accomplish some real brain tasks. This is the solution to attack a frumpy home.

First, I do love clean. I like the way it smells, looks, and invites. I like the way my kids are more creative when a space is clean for them to dirty up. I like the way it entices me to make another creative mess in the kitchen. I like the way clean feels good and breathes peace to my soul and gives me comfort in welcoming others into our space.

I didn't always know how to clean well. Really my mom and sister are the master cleaners. They are going to polish and clean every nitty-gritty detail of  e v e r y t h i n g  and it's going to shine after. I attempt to be like them. My childhood bedroom was a disaster: clothes everywhere, desk piled high, knickknacks tucked into corners, and books stacked precariously. I'd like to take some credit for my sister's cleanliness because she had to share a room with me. Maybe, just maybe, my anti-clean is what has inspired her own skills. Love you, sis.

Here's what I do:

I keep my house 80% clean all the time.

June 19, 2014


My master closet makeover is something I've been dreaming about for almost a year. A year people! I've gone through so many planning options and organizational ideas but landed on some simple solutions that were cost effective as well as transitional. And although I could dream of budget-breaking closets, this is really just what I want. It's my own kind of pretty and effective.

You'll notice from the "before" pictures that one of the biggest factors in this makeover was the paint color. The interior of the closet was still Sherwin Williams Camelback. The whole house was that color and I've slowly eliminated it, I still have the kids' closets, but the day will come.

The new paint color is the same as our trim Sherwin Williams Dover White. If you're looking for a warm white, this is a great option. It has a hint of yellow it in that is calming and doesn't turn bluish in bright light. It's a great pairing with our overall house color of Accessible Beige.


Seriously, this closet needed some organization.

June 13, 2014


In line with my necklace organizing, this is my solution for storing, using, and enjoying my earrings. 

If there's an accessory I always have on, it's earrings. They are simple, fast, and really fun. They are also out of the way, you don't have to worry about them like you do a necklace or bracelet. I know that gold is the in color, but man, I really do like gold and have my fair share of earrings sporting it. 

In my master bedroom I've mixed gold and silver finishes. I really like it. I also like giving a little pop of crystal-like glass for a complete combo. When I saw this tiered stand at Home Goods I knew it was the perfect thing. 

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